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Oil & Workshop Spark Plugs Spark Plug - RCJ6Y SPARK PLUG COPPER RN7YC CPRN7YC Spark Plug - RC14YC Spark Plug - BMR6A Spark Plug (Kohler) - 00024007000 Spark Plug - CMR6A Spark Plug (Loncin) - 00044007000 Spark Plug - CMR5H Spark Plug - B5HS Spark Plug - BP6HS Spark Plug - BR6HS Spark Plug - CMR7A Spark Plug - J8C Spark Plug - DJ8J Spark Plug - CJ8 Spark Plug - RN11YC Spark Plug - RC12YC Spark Plug - CJ7Y Spark Plug - J19LM Spark Plug - RJ19LM Spark Plug - BPR4ES Spark Plug - B6S Spark Plug - BM6A Spark Plug - CJ6Y Spark Plug - B4LM Spark Plug - CMR6H - 00004007011 Spark Plug - BPR5ES Spark Plug - CR5HSB Spark Plug - D16 Spark Plug - RCJ7Y Spark Plug - RDJ7Y Spark Plug - B6ES SPARK PLUG NPBPMR7A Spark Plug - Z9Y SPARK PLUG NPBPMR8Y Spark Plug - BPR6HS Grease and Lubricants for Machines 07811201109 - MULTI PURPOSE GREASE 80G TUBE Gear Lubricant for Brushcutters & Clearing Saws MULTIPURPOSE GREASE - 500G - COMMA *2500G Multioil Bio for GTA26 50ml Grease Cartridge 400 Grams 18948 3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Oil in Flexican 100ml Standard COPPER GREASE FPCOPGR Lithium complex EP2 grease 400g Sapphire Aqua-Sil Grease 85g - waterproof grease Agea Bio Hedgetrimmer Spray 400ml 07811201110 Multi-purpose grease 225g 1111-9241-01 TRANSMISSION OIL SAE 5W-40 4 Litre SuperClean Blade Resin Solvent 300ml Chain Oil SYNTHPLUS CHAIN OIL 20 LITRE SynthPlus Chain Oil 5 litres SynthPlus Chain Oil 1 litre 4 Stroke Oil B&S 4 Stroke oil 0.5 litres SAE30 B&S 4 Stroke oil 5 litres SAE30 Honda 4 stroke oil 0.6 litres 10W30 API/SJ STIHL Engine Oil 1.4l (SAE30) STIHL Engine Oil 0.6l (SAE30) Honda 4 stroke oil 1 litre 10W30 API/SJ 2 Stroke Oil HP 2 stroke oil 1 litre HP 2 stroke oil 100ml HP 2 stroke oil 5 litres HP 2 stroke oil 1 litre metered HP Super 2 stroke oil 1 litre HP Super 2 stroke oil 100ml HP Ultra 2 Stroke Oil 100ml HP Super 2 Stroke oil 5 Litres HP Super 2 stroke oil 1 ltr metered Machinery By Brand Stihl 00004004900 STIHL Smart Connector Strimmers/Brushcutters FS460CEM Clearing saw, AutoCut 46-2 FSE52 Electric Strimmer FS94RCE Loop handle brushcutter FS94CE Brushcutter FS55 Petrol Grass Trimmer FS55R Petrol Grass Trimmer FS40 Petrol Grass Trimmer FS38 Petrol Grass Trimmer FSE31 Electric Strimmer FS50CE Petrol Grass Trimmer Pressure Washers RA82 surface cleaner RA110 Patio Cleaner RE120 Electric high-pressure cleaner RE90 Electric high-pressure cleaner RE150 PLUS High-pressure washer Multi Tools RG-KM KombiTool BK-MM Bolo Tine MultiTool BF-MM Pick Tine MultiTool FSB-KM Brushcutter Bent Shaft BF-KM Pick Tine MB-KM Brushcutter KB-KM Bristle Brush KM131R Kombiengine KM94RCE Kombi Tool Engine MF-MM Dethatcher MultiTool HL-KM 145 20" Hedgetrimmer KB-MM Bristle brush KM Carbon Shaft Extension MM56 MultiEngine & Wheel FS-KM Mowing Head Autocut HT-KM Pole Pruner KM56RCE Kombi Tool Engine BG-KM Blower KW-MM Power Sweep FCB-KM Edge Trimmer FH-KM 145 Scrub Cutter HL-KM 145 24" Hedgetrimmer KM Aluminium Shaft Extension 0.5M Lawnmowers RM443.0T Lawnmower RME339.0 Lawnmower RM4RT Lawnmower RME443.0 Lawnmower RM253.0T Lawnmower RM248.0 Lawnmower RM248.0T Lawnmower RM655.0RS Lawnmower RM545.0VR Lawnmower RME235.0 Lawnmower Hedge Trimmers HS87R 30" HEDGETRIMMER HS82RCE Hedgetrimmer 24" HSE71 Electric hedge trimmer, 60cm/24" HS87T 75cm/30" Hedgetrimmer HS82RCE Hedgetrimmer 30" HS45 Hedgetrimmer 24" HS45 Hedgetrimmer 18" HSE52 Electric hedge trimmer, 50cm/20" Chainsaws MS231 Chainsaw (16") MS151TCE Chainsaw (12") MS661CM Chainsaw (36") MS194T Chainsaw (12") MS261CM Chainsaw (16") MS261CM Chainsaw (18") MS211 Chainsaw (16") MS181 Chainsaw (14") MS231CBE Chainsaw (16") MS251CBE Chainsaw (18") MS500i Chainsaw (25") MS391 Chainsaw (20") MSE141C Chainsaw (12") MS181CBE Chainsaw (16") MS362CM Chainsaw (20") MS180 Chainsaw (14") MS251 Chainsaw (18") MS271 Chainsaw (16") MS201TCM Chainsaw (14") MS462CM Chainsaw (25") HT135 Pole Pruner 30cm/12" MS211CBE Chainsaw (16") MS181 Chainsaw (16") MS171 Chainsaw (14") MS170 Chainsaw (12") MS661CM Chainsaw (28") MS151TCE Chainsaw (10") MS201TCM Chainsaw (12") MS181CBE Chainsaw (14") Blowers + Sprayers SG11 PLUS MANUAL SPRAYER BR800 backpack blower SHE71 Electric Blower/Vacuum SG31 Manual Sprayer 5L BG66CE Blower 4241 011 1748 SH86CE Vacuum Shredder 27.2cc Eng 5.7kg Air Throughput 770m3/h ErgoSta SG51 Back Pack Sprayer 12l 4.8kg SG11 Manual sprayer *4910 SH56CE Hand Held Blower/Vac BG86CE Hand Held Blower BG56CE Hand Held Blower BR700 Backpack Blower BR600 Backpack Blower SG71 backpack sprayer 18L Battery Tools MSA140CB Cordless Chainsaw 12" (tool only) RMA235.0 Cordless Lawnmower (tool only) FSA57 Cordless trimmer (tool only) HSA66 Cordless hedgetrimmer (tool only) HSA26 Cordless hedgetrimmer set FSA45 Cordless trimmer GTA26 Cordless Hand Pruner HSA45 Cordless Hedgetrimmer MSA160CBQ Cordless Chainsaw,30cm/12" (tool only) FSA130R Brushcutter (tool only) KMA130R Cordless KombiEngine (tool only) BGA100 Cordless Blower tool only HLA56 Cordless Long reach hedgetrimmer (tool only) MSA120CBQ Cordless Chainsaw (tool only) FSA90R Cordless Trimmer (tool only) MSA200CBQ Cordless chain saw 35cm/14" (tool only) Chargers AL500 Quick charger Charging cable LK 45 GB AL101 Battery charger AL300 High-speed charger Batteries AP100 Battery AS2 Battery AR1000 Backpack battery AP300 Battery AK30 Battery AK10 Battery AK20 Battery AP200 Battery AP300S Battery Accessories Cover for AP battery HLA56 Shaft Extension Battery belt (belt only) AP belt bag with connecting cord RMA448VC Cordless lawnmower (tool only) KMA135R Combi tool (tool only) HLA86 Long-Reach Hedge Trimmer (tool only) FSA135R Brushcutter (tool only) HSA56 Cordless Hedgetrimmer (tool only) MSA161T Cordless Chainsaw 30cm/12" (tool only) RLA240 Cordless Scarifier (tool only) HSA94R Cordless Hedgetrimmer 30" (tool only) FSA60R Cordless trimmer (tool only) RMA339.0C Cordless lawnmower (tool only) BGA45 Cordless Blower HLA66 Cordless long reach hedge trimmer (tool only) BGA57 Blower (tool only) HSA86 Cordless Hedgetrimmer 24" (tool only) GHE105 Shredder RL540.0 Scarifier Stiga SGM72AE MULTI-MATE Combi 43AE 80V Lawnmower SLM544AE Battery Lawnmower (tool only) SLM540AE Battery Lawnmower (tool only) SLM536AE Battery Lawnmower (tool only) SDC515AE DUAL BATT. CHARGER SCG515AE BATTERY CHARGER SBT540AE BATTERY 4.0 Ah STIGA SMT500AE BATT. MULTI-TOOL (tool only) SHT500AE BATT. HEDGE CUTTER (tool only) SGT500AE BATT. LAWN TRIMM (tool only) Collector 35E lawnmower SCM 240 R Push Mower (c/w grassbox) SMT100AE Multitool kit 20V SAB100AE Lithium-Ion Cordless Leaf Blower Kit 20v / 2Ah SHT100AE Lithium-Ion Cordless Hedgetrimmer Kit 20v / 2Ah Collector 136E Kit Collector 140E Kit SGT100AE Lawn Trimmer c/w battery & charger Collector 132E Kit Combi 36E Lawnmower Combi 40E 1600w Lawnmower Mountfield SP46 Lawnmower SP42 Lawnmower Mitox Strimmers + Brushcutters 24L Select Brushcutter 24C Select Strimmer 26L - Brushcutter 25CSP - Grass Trimmer Multi-Tools MIEX100 SELECT EXA 1m Extension Attachment MIVT14 Brushcutter attachment (square drive) MIAT15 SELECT PPA-Advanced Pruner Attachment Mitox BCA Brushcutter Attachment (spline drive) MIVT30 55cm Hedge Trimmer Attachment 28MT-a Multi Tool Complete Kit 26MT-SP Multi tool kit HTA advance hedge trimmer attachment MIAT10 Hedge Trimmers Premium 650 DX 28LH Long Reach Hedge trimmer L/R Hedge trimmer 26LH SP 600DX Hedgetrimmer Chainsaws 415CSX Premium Chainsaw 385CSX Premium Chainsaw 28pp pole pruner Blowers 26B-SP Blower 260BX Premium Blower MITOX 66 LSH Log Splitter Hayter Harrier 56 Autodrive ES Harrier 56 Autodrive BBC Harrier 56 Autodrive Harrier 48 Autodrive ES Harrier 48 Autodrive BBC Harrier 48 Autodrive Harrier 56 PRO BBC Harrier 48 PRO BBC Harrier 41 Autodrive ES Harrier 41 Push Harrier 41 PRO Harrier 41 Autodrive Osprey 46 push Osprey 46 Autodrive 60V 6.0AH BATTERY CE HAYTER 60V BATTERY CHARGER 2 AMP CE HAYTER Harrier 41 60v Autodrive (tool only) Handy The Handy 22kg Push Spreader The Handy 30cm (12") Hand Mower Atco Ride-on/Tractor GTX 40H Twin Tractor - Atco GT 38H Twin Tractor - Atco GTX 36H Twin Tractor - Atco GT 30H Tractor - Atco Rider 28H Ride-On - Atco GT 38HR Tractor Petrol Lawnmower Rear Roller Petrol Liner 19SEV Lawnmower - Atco Liner 22SHV Lawnmower - Atco Liner 18SH Lawnmower - Atco Liner 16S Lawnmower - Atco Liner 19SHV Lawnmower 4 Wheel Petrol Quattro 19SHVSC 4 in 1 Lawnmower Quattro 19SHV 4 in 1 Lawnmower Quattro 19SH 4 in 1 Lawnmower - Atco Quattro 16S 4 in 1 Lawnmower - Atco Quattro 22SH BBC 4in 1 Lawnmower Quattro 22SHV 4 in 1 Battery Lawnmower 80V BATTERY - 5.0 Ah LINER 18S Li Kit (2 x 4AH BATTERIES INCL) LINER 16S Li Kit (1 x 2AH & 1x 4AH BATTERIES INCL) Accessories Weed Killer DOFBB400 Ant Killer 300g Multi-Purpose Magicoat Lawn Seed 420g All Year Lawn Feed Concentrate 1 Litre 3in1 Lawn Feed, Weed & Mosskiller 1.6kg Tree Stump & Tough Weed Killer 2 Sachet Super Strength Glyphosate Weed Killer Concentrate 3 Sachet Promotional Items 04632780020 Metal sign chain saw 04643710010 Garden gnome Toy chainsaw 04649340000 Toy brushcutter 04649370000 Personal Protection Equipment Orange braces buttons 120cm Tool belt leather beige 00008810600 Visors and Helmets 00008880810 Function Basic Helmet Handy Visor/Muffs Combination Cobra Combi Forestry Helmet Stihl face ear protetion with Plastic Visor with padded HB and ED Baseball Cap 04640150030 Helmet ADVANCE X-Vent Chainsaw Safety Chainsaw Helmet - Boxed 00008840254 Face/ear protection, nylon mesh visor Gloves DYNAMIC Gloves Duro XL/11 DYNAMIC Gloves Duro L/10 DYNAMIC Gloves Duro M/9 DYNAMIC Gloves Duro S/8 Standard Rigger Gloves, one size DYNAMIC Gloves Protect MS M/9 DYNAMIC Gloves Protect MS L/10 DYNAMIC Gloves Protect MS XL/11 Rockwood chainsaw gloves S Eye Protection 00008840307 STANDARD safety glasses Rockwood Universal Safety Glasses - Grey Rockwood Universal Safety Glasses - Clear Rockwood Universal Safety Glasses - Yellow Ear Protection Concept 23 Ear Protection Concept 24 Ear Protection Concept 24F Ear Protection Concept 28 Ear Protection Yellow ear defenders KUNPH38 PH-38 Full Grain Leather Pouch Chainsaw chaps Lawnmower Accessories Briggs & Stratton Ride on Lawn Mower Cover 992425 B&S Lawn Mower Cover OIL DRAIN KIT 4L BP992423 Cylinder sharpener 14" agea protect wax Oil Change Kit Hoses & Hose Fittings 49105008600 Flat hose with reel Pro Metal Hose Fittings 2691 Pro Multi Plus spray gun 2044 Pro Metal Double Male Connector 2043 Pro Metal Hose Repair Connector 2041 Pro Metal Threaded Tap Connector 2035 Pro Metal Aquastop Connector 12.5-15mm 2030 Pro Metal Hose Connector 12.5-15mm Plastic Hose Fittings 2392 Universal Hose Reel Guide and Corner Bracket 2674 Jet Spray 2550 pulsating sprinkler 450 sq meters 2200 Hose repair connector 3/4 2185 Aquastop Connector 12.5-15mm DISCONTINUED 2175 Threaded Tap Connector 19mm 3/4 2299 Spare O Rings & Washers Kit 2293 Y Connector 2292 Hose Nozzle 2291 Double Male Connector 2289 Threaded Adaptor 19mm 2274 Square Multi Tap Connector 2181 Non Return Valve 2177 Round Mixer Tap Connector Max 24mm 2176 Round Mixer Tap Conector Max 18mm 2166 Hose End Connector 12.5-15mm DISCONTINUED 2100 Hose Repair Connector 12.5-15mm 2065 Aquastop Hose Connector 19mm 2060 Hose End Connector 19mm 2055 Aquastop Hose Connector 12.5-15mm 2050 Hose End Connector 12.5-15mm 2972 Rectangular Area Garden Sprinkler 180m2 2347 Multi-Pattern Spray Gun Starter Set with Fittings 2684 Multi Spray Gun Plus 2676 Multi Spray Gun (5 Pattern) 2070 Soft Touch Hose End Connector Chainsaw Accessories 00008903400 Combination socket tool 19-16 00008903402 Combination socket tool 16-13 First Aid Kit Chainsaw L700 filing vice Plastic felling wedge 25cm / 10" Plastic felling wedge 23cm / 9" Plastic felling wedge 19cm / 7" Chains 36360000057 Chain loop PM3 3/8 050 36160000055 Chain loop PS3 3/8 Bosch Chain Saw Chain 30cm/12" 3604730002 36220000068 Chain loop RS 3/8 058 36210000114 RS Rapid Super Chain 1.6mm/0.063" 3/8" 36210000091 RS Rapid Super Chain 1.6mm/0.063" 3/8" GBP 36510000072 Chain loop RM 3/8 058 36210000076 Chain loop RS 3/8 063 36860000067 RM Rapid Micro Chain 1.6mm/0.063" .325 36210000066 RS Rapid Super Chain 1.6mm/0.063" 3/8" 36520000072 RM Rapid Micro Chain 1.6mm/0.063" 3/8" 36850000072 Chain loop 25RM 325 058 36380000072 Chain loop RS 325 058 39460000080 Chain loop RS 404 063 36210000084 RS Rapid Super Chain 1.6mm/0.063" 3/8" 36100000044 PMM3 chain 1.1mm/0.043" 3/8"P 36100000050 PMM3 chain 1.1mm/0.043" 3/8"P 36700000064 PM3 Picco Micro Chain 1.1mm/0.043" 1.4"P 36360000044 PM3 Picco Micro Chain 1.3mm/0.05" 3/8"P 36360000050 PM3 Picco Micro Chain 1.3mm/0.050" 3/8"P 36360000055 PM3 Picco Micro Chain 1.3mm/0.050" 3/8"P 36160000044 PS3 Picco Super Chain 1.3mm/0.050" 1.3"P 36160000050 PS3 Picco Super Chain 1.3mm/0.050" 1.3"P 36390000062 RS Rapid Super Chain 1.6mm/0.063" .325 36700000028 71 PM3 28 Picco Micro Chain loop (for GTA26) Oilomatic Chain 1.3mm, 3/8, per link 36260000072 Chain loop RS3 3/8 063 36850000062 Chain loop 25RM 325 058 39460000091 RS Rapid Super Chain 1.6mm/0.063" .404 36680000108 Chain loop RM 063 404 OREGON 72DL CHAIN .325" 1.3mm FITS 18" BAR Oilomatic Chain 1.5mm, .325, per link 36380000064 Chain loop RS 325 058 36680000068 Chain loop RM 063 404 36360000056 PM3 Picco Micro Chain 1.3mm/0.050" 3/8"P 36700000056 PM3 Picco Micro Chain 1.1mm/0.043" 1.4"P Alpina Chain 1430133-01A CHAIN 91VG-33E, N1C-BL 36860000068 RM Rapid Micro Chain 1.6mm/0.063" .325 36700000065 71 PM3 Picco Micro Chain 36100000052 Chain loop PMM3 3/8 043 36210000098 RS Rapid Super Chain 1.6mm/0.063" 3/8" Carlton chain loop 325 . 058. 72 links 36840000066 Chain loop 23RM 325 050 Bosch Chain Saw Chain 40cm/16" Bosch Chain Saw Chain 35cm/14" Bosch Chain Saw Chain 30cm/12" 36390000074 RS Rapid Super Chain 1.6mm/0.063" .325 36510000068 Chain loop RM 3/8 058 36210000060 RS Rapid Super Chain 1.6mm/0.063" 3/8" 36900000067 23 RS Pro Chain loop 36360000052 Chain loop PM3 3/8 050 36900000074 23 RS Pro Chain loop 36360000053 Chain loop PM3 3/8 050 36610000064 RMS Chain 1.3mm/0.050" 1/4" Chain Sharpen Stihl File Handle (FH3) Stihl Flat File Stihl File Handle (FH1) 11108934000 1/4", 3/8"P, .325" & 3/8" file gauge Stihl File Handle (Wooden) 2-in-1 EASYFILE .325" Ø 4.8mm 2-in-1 EASYFILE 3/8"P Ø 4.0mm Round file 200 x 5.5mm Round file 150 x 3.2mm Round file 200 x 4.0mm Round file 200 x 4.8mm Round file 200 x 5.2mm 2-in-1 EASYFILE 3/8" Ø 5.2mm 2-in-1 EASYFILE 1/4"P Ø 3.2mm 56050071028 .325" Filing kit 56050071027 1/4" & 3/8"P Filing kit 08142523001 2-in-1 EASYFILE Replacement flat file Bars 30030002031 Guide bar SL 63cm/25" 1,6mm 30030006053 Guide bar S 90cm/36" 1,6mm/0.063" 3/8" 30050083405 Guide bar R 30cm/12" 1,1mm/0.043" 1/4"P 30050004813 Guide bar R 40cm/16" 1,3mm/0.05" 3/8"P 30050004809 Guide bar R 35cm/14" 1,3mm/0.050" 3/8" P 30050003909 Guide bar R 35cm/14" 1,1mm/0.043" 3/8" P 30050004805 Guide bar R 30cm/12" 1,3mm/0.050" 3/8" P 30030029421 Guide bar S 50cm/20" 1,6mm/0.063" 3/8" 30030002038 Guide bar SL 71cm/28" 1,6mm 30020009741 Guide bar S 75cm/30" 1,6mm/0.063" .404" Oregon 14" bar 140SDEA095 30050007413 Guide bar Rollomatic E Light 40cm/16" 30030086817 Guide bar R 45cm/18" 1,6mm/0.063" .325" 30050084717 Guide bar R 45cm/18" 1,6mm/0.063" .325" 30030087717 Guide bar R 45cm/18" 1,6mm 30030086813 Guide bar R 40cm/16" 1,6mm/0.063" .325" 30030006041 Guide bar S 75cm/30" 1,6mm/0.063" 3/8" 30030006113 Guide bar R 40cm/16" 1,6mm/0.063" 3/8" 30030006813 Guide bar R 40cm/16" 1,6mm/0.063" .325" 30050083403 Guide Bar 10" 30050003905 Guide bar R 30cm/12" 1,1mm/0.043" 3/8" P 30020008064 Guide bar 120cm 48" 30030005221 Guide bar R 50cm/20" 1,6mm/0.063" 3/8" 30030005231 Guide bar R 63cm/25" 1,6mm/0.063" 3/8" 30030086121 Guide bar R 50cm/20" 1,6mm/0.063" 3/8" 30030083317 Guide bar L04 45cm/18" 1,3mm/0.050" .325" 30050003205 Guide bar C 30cm/12" 1,3mm/0.050" 1/4" Bags + Boxes Mitox Chainsaw Armacase Mitox Chainsaw Bag Stihl Chainsaw Bag 00008810508 chainsaw case GA014901700 GTA26 Holster 11298903401 Combination socket tool 19-13 Felling and splitting wedge 1000g Felling and splitting wedge 800g Felling and splitting wedge 600g Brushcutter Accessories 41477109003 - ADVANCE FORESTRY HARNESS STANDARD Black & Decker Cutting Line A6487 41171 Grass Cutting Blade 230mm 4 tooth Grass Cutting Blade 230mm 2 tooth 40080071000 Set of 8 PolyCut 2-2 Replacement blades Stihl Spool for FSE31 PolyCut Blade for 6-3, 7-3, 20-3, 41-3, white (12) 41067 Spool RTS harness Brushcutter 10" Metal Tri-star Brush Cutter Brush Knife Brushcutter 12" Metal Tri-star Brush Cutter Brush Knife Bosch PLASTIC SAFETY BLADES (24 PACK) FOR ART 26 EASYTRIM ACCU ART 26 ACCU F016800183 Bosch PLASTIC SAFETY BLADES (24 PACK) FOR ART 23 EASYTRIM ACCU ART 23 ACCU F016800177 Bosch Spool 1.6mm 4m Brushcutter Blade, 3 Point Metal, 10" 1" centre Bosch EXTRA-STRONG LINE 23CM (10 PACK) FOR ART 23 COMBITRIM *0174 40087104300 Line spool 1.6mm 40087137000 Cover Strimmer Line 00009302641 Bulk Square line orange Ø 2.4mm x 86m Stihl Strimmer line square black 3.3mm/40m Stihl Strimmer line round orange 2.4mm/87m Stihl Strimmer line round orange 2.4mm/15.2m Stihl Strimmer line green 2.0mm/123m Stihl Strimmer line green 2.0mm/15.2m Stihl Strimmer line blue 1.6mm/15.2m Stihl Strimmer line 1.4mm/16m Nylsaw Nylon Line, 4.00mm, 21m Donut Stihl strimmer line round orange 2.4mm/261 0000 930 2246 Nylsaw Nylon Line, 3.50mm, 27m Donut Stihl Strimmer line square yellow 3.0mm/53m 00009303603 Bulk line Green Ø 4.0mm x 90m OR100154E Oregon - Yellow Roundline 4.0MM X 140M DuroCut 2.0 mm line x48 00009302263 Bulk line green 2.0mm x 372m 3lb Stihl strimmer line round red 2.7mm/10.7m 40097104304 Spool with nylon line for AutoCut 3-2 Stihl Strimmer line round red 2.7mm/68m Line round Ø 2.4 mm x 1053,0 m orange 00009302573 OR69-388-Y OR69-388-Y 00009302227 Stimmer cord 2.7mm Strimmer Heads Mitox BUMP HEAD M10 X 1.25LH (28mt) Autocut 2-2 1.6mm Oregon Jet Fit Head 4 Line AUTOCUT 25-2 EG160-2445 Multi Line Head - Aluminium (Universal) Speed Feed 375 Universal Trimmer Line Head (Bent Shaft) 40087104301 line spool 2.0mm Speed Feed 375 Universal Trimmer Line Head (Straight Shaft) Supercut 20-2 PolyCut 3-2 Mowing Head AutoCut C3-2 Mowing Head AutoCut C4-2 AUTOCUT C26-2 Mitox HEAD (250X) ALT MITTR024S.4 (25csp) PolyCut 7-3 head TRIMMER HEAD P25 HDO001 W. ADA Oregon Rapid Fit Head Oregon Jet Fit Head 2 Line EZ Feed M-Twist Head 5.5" AutoCut 46-2 AutoCut C6-2 Oregon JET FIT CAP METAL CENTRE Speed Feed 450 Universal Trimmer Line Head (Straight Shaft) brass eyelets 24640 Pro High Speed Trimmer head - Bump feed DuroCut 5-2 PolyCut 6-2 Mowing Head Pro Trimmer Head Harness 41197109012 Brush Knife 250mm 3 tooth Bosch DURA BLADE PK 5 F016800371 40007134205 Circular saw blade, scratch 225mm (48t) PolyCut Blade for 7,27,47-3, orange (12) Brushcutter Blade, 3 Point Metal 24542 Bosch EXTRA-STRONG LINE 26CM (10 PACK) FOR ART 26 COMBITRIM F016800181 Servicing and Repairs Cylinder Lawnmowers Other Machines petrol chainsaw Petrol Hand Held Blower Petrol Grass Trimmer/ Brushcutter Multi tool Engine Hand Tools Wolf Garten Tools Tool Hanger Offers Lawn edge iron RMM and 85cm D grip handle RMM/ZMAD Mini Hoe With Handle Small Rake With Handle Lawn Care Set, Leaf Rake and Pole Multi-Change Weeding Wolf Garden Weed Extractor (4cm) Wolf Garden Weeding Knife (4cm) Multi-Change Tree Care Wolf Garden Cord Tidy Wolf Garden Branch Hook Wolf Garden Adjustable Fruit Picker Wolf Garden Adjustable Anvil Tree Lopper Wolf Garden Anvil Tree Lopper Fruit picker RG-M Power cut pruning saw 370 PC370MS Power cut pruning saw pro 370 Multi-Change Sweeping Wolf Garden Patio Broom (40cm) Wolf Garden Yard Broom (31cm) Wolf Garden Dustpan & Small Handle (25cm) Wolf Garden Squeegee (40cm) Wolf Garden Angle Broom (25cm) Wolf Garden Decking Brush (37cm) Wolf Garden House Brush (35cm) Multi-Change Lawn Care Wolf Garden Roller Moss Removal Rake (30cm) Wolf Garden Moss Removal Rake (30cm) Wolf Garden Long Span Rake (58cm) Wolf Garden All Purpose Rake (50cm) Wolf Garden Leaf Rake (42cm) Wolf Garden Lawn Rake (50cm) Wolf Garden Springtine Rake (50cm) Wolf Garden Lawn Edge Trimmer Wolf Garden Lawn Edge Iron (22.5cm) 4IN1RAKE Multi-Change Cultivating Tools Wolf Garden Mini Hoe (7cm) Wolf Garden Small Double Hoe (5cm) Wolf Garden Small Rake (8cm) Wolf Garden Small Crumbler (7cm) Wolf Garden Fan Rake (11cm) Wolf Garden Small Sweep (11cm) Wolf Garden Small Cultiweeder (7cm) Wolf Garden Mini Cultivator (7cm) Wolf Garden Hand Trowel (8cm) Wolf Garden Hand Fork (7.5cm) Wolf Garden Draw Hoe (15cm) Wolf Garden Small Draw Hoe (10cm) Wolf Garden Swoe Style Hoe Wolf Garden Push/Pull Weeder (15cm) Wolf Garden Push/Pull Weeder (10cm) Wolf Garden Dutch Hoe (13cm) Wolf Garden Bow Rake (40cm) Wolf Garden Soil Rake (30cm) Wolf Garden Close toothed Rake (19cm) Wolf Garden Seed Sower Wolf Garden Ridger (20cm) Wolf Garden Double Hoe (8cm) Wolf Garden Soil Miller (15cm) Wolf Garden Cultivator (15cm) Wolf Garden Aerator (3.5cm) Wolf Garden Cultiweeder (10cm) Wolf Garden Cultivator (11cm) Wolf Garden Grubber (9cm) Multi-Change Cleaning Wolf Garden Pond Net (35x30cm) Wolf Garden Window Wiper (35cm) Wolf Garden Window Washer (35cm) Wolf Garden Garden Scraper Wolf Garden Weeding Brush (replacement heads) Wolf Garden Weeding Brush Loppers Wolf Garden POWER Cut Anvil Lopper (50mm) Wolf Garden POWER Cut Bypass Lopper (50mm) Wolf Garden POWER Cut Anvil Lopper (45mm) Wolf Garden POWER Cut Bypass Lopper (45mm) Wolf Garden POWER Cut Anvil Lopper (40mm) Wolf Garden POWER Cut Bypass Lopper L (40mm) Wolf Garden POWER Cut Bypass Lopper S (40mm) Wolf Garden POWER Cut Bypass Lopper (35mm) Wolf Garden POWER Cut Bypass Lopper (30mm) Hedge and Grass Shears RILL Single grass shear RJZ Classic Hedge shear RIGC Professional grass shears Wolf Garden Telescopic Hedge Shear Wolf Garden Variable Hedge Shear Wolf Garden Traditional Hedge Shear Wolf Garden Box Tree Shear Handles Wooden handle (140cm) ZM140 Telescopic Handle 220-400cm Telescopic Handle 170-300cm Wooden Handle (170cm) Wooden Handle (150cm) Wooden Handle & Grip (140cm) Wooden Handle & Grip (100cm) Aluminium Handle (150cm) Aluminium Handle (120cm) Aluminium D-Grip Handle (120cm) Aluminium D-Grip Handle (85cm) Small Handle (35cm) Mini Handle (15cm) zm015 handle Gloves soil care gloves (medium) GHBO8 GHBO10 Washable Soil Care Glove Large Fixed Hand Tools Wolf Garden Garden Weeder Power dual cut tree loppers P-RR200 Wolf Garten Bypass Tree Lopper 4m PC145FS Folding pruning knife ASPD Pointed metal spade ASD Straight metal spade Wolf Garden Fixed Hand Planting Trowel Wolf Garden Fixed Hand Wide Trowel (7cm) Wolf Garden Fixed Hand Flower Fork (7.5cm) Wolf Garden Fixed Hand Double Hoe (7cm) Wolf Garden Fixed Hand Small Sweep (11.5cm) Wolf Garden Fixed Hand Weeding/Planting Knife Wolf Garden Fixed Hand Scraper Wolf Garden Fixed Hand Grubber (7cm) Wolf Garden Fixed Bulb Planter (6cm) Bypass and Anvil Secateurs Wolf Garden Professional Anvil Aluminium Secateurs (25mm) Wolf Garden Anvil Premium Plus Anvil Secateurs (25mm) Wolf Garden Anvil Comfort Plus Secateurs (25mm) Wolf Garden Anvil Classic Secateurs (19mm) Wolf Garden Professional Bypass Aluminium Secateurs (25mm) Wolf Garden Bypass Premium Plus Secateurs (22mm) Wolf Garden Bypass Comfort Plus Secateurs (22mm) Wolf Garden Bypass Basic Plus (18mm) Wolf Garden Bypass Classic Secateurs (21mm) Wilkinson Sword Ultralight Ultralight stainless Dutch Hoe 1111311w Ultralight stainless rake 1111313w Ultralight Bypass Loppers 1111247W Ultralight Hedge Shears 1111246W Ultralight digging spade 1111308w Ultralight Shovel ultralight stainless weedfork 1111315w Ultralight Trowel Stainless Steel Garden Tools Wilkinson Sword stainless steel hand trowel wilkinson sword stainless steel hand fork Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Lawn Rake Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Soil Rake Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel 3 Prong Cultivator Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Dutch Hoe Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Swoe Style Hoe Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Edging Blade Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Border Fork Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Border Spade Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Digging Fork Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Digging Spade Shears, Loppers and Tree Care Hedge shears 1111270WG new group Wilkinson Sword Long Handled Lawn Shears Telescopic hedge shear Wilkinson Sword Telescopic Tree Cutter (25mm) Wilkinson Sword Turbo Folding Saw Wilkinson Sword Telescopic Bypass Loppers Wilkinson Sword Bypass Loppers Wilkinson Sword Long Handled Edging Shears Carbon Steel Garden Tools Wilkinson Sword Carbon steel trowel wilkinson sword carbon steel weeding fork Adjustable lawn rake 13" topiary shears Plastic Leaf rake 24" Wilkinson Sword Carbon Steel Dutch Hoe Wilkinson Sword Carbon Steel Edging knife Wilkinson Sword Carbon Steel Border Fork Wilkinson Sword Carbon Steel Border Spade Wilkinson Sword Carbon Steel Digging Fork Wilkinson Sword Carbon Steel Digging Spade Axes wilkinson sword hatchet axe 14" Wilkinson Sword Grenade Splitter Wilkinson Sword Splitting Axe Wilkinson Sword Felling Axe Stihl Hand Tools 00008819801 3-IN-1 Sharpening Tool PR16 HANDYCUT folding pruning saw 00008818700 Stihl bypass pruning shears PB11 00008813670 59108902420 - SCREWDRIVER felling lever 130cm Felco Lopping shears F210A-60 PB35 Extreme pruning shears FZ10 drag hook Stihl Professional Secateurs PG30 00008813638 59108902415 - SCREWDRIVER TORX PB20 Dynamic Bypass Shears 00008813664 Stihl Universal Secateurs PG20 00008813637 PH10 HEDGE SHEAR PR33C Pruning saw Curved 00008818704 Stihl Anvil Secateurs PG25 Moisture meter Holster PR24 MEGACUT pruning saw 00008818701 AX30 C Cleaving hammer PR33 Megacut pruning saw 00008818702 00008813400 swiss bush hook Felling lever 76cm AX28CS Cleaving axe Stihl Secateurs PG10 00008813604 Stihl EXTREME Bypass Lopping Shears PB30 PB25 Large Anvil Pruning Shears (40mm) 00008813653 Stihl Bypass Pruning Shears Light PB10 (30mm) 00008813669 Roughneck Roughneck Sledgehammer ROU68624 Aluminium Landscape Rake 600mm (24in) Kent & Stowe Garden Life Soil Rake Stainless Steel (discontinued) 70100730 Stainless steel dutch hoe (discontinued) 70100720 Carbon Steel Long Handled 3-Edge Hoe, FSC® Fiskars Fiskars Classic Large Leaf Rake Fiskars Powergear bypass lopper large L78 Fiskars powergear bypass lopper medium L74 Fiskars SingleStep™ Bypass Pruner P26 Fiskars Powergear x Bypass pruner FSK1023628 Faithfull Tools FAIASS2MYD All Steel Shovel Square No.2 MYD Faithfull all steel digging spade *ASDS FAISCYTHETTE Scythette (Grass Hook) 95cm Handle FAICOUSIEVE garden sieve Faithfull Broom Soft Coco 60cm (24in) + Handle & Stay FAIGGECO Side Lever Grease Gun Faithfull stiff broom 24" Faithfull 24" PVC broom FAIAST2MYD All Steel Taper Shovel No.2 MYD FAIALR Aluminium landscape rake FAIGRASSHOOK (Obsolete) Grass Hook Bulldog BUL8186 Premier Garden Riddle 3/8in Mesh Bulldog Evergreen Plastic Leaf Rake Aluminium Shaft BUL8184 Bulldog riddle Bulldog BDS Digging Spade BUL5CLAM Bulldog All-Steel Cable Laying Shovel Bahco BAHP75 P75 Edging Shears P140 Lopping shears Bow Saws 30" Raker Tooth Bow Saw Blade (23 Series) 24" Raker Tooth Bow Saw Blade (23 Series) 21" Raker Tooth Bow Saw Blade (23 Series) Bow Saw FORCE Ergo 30" (10 Series) Bow Saw FORCE Ergo 24" (10 Series) Bow Saw 30" (Economy Series) Bow Saw 24" (Economy Series) Bow Saw 21" (Economy Series) Bow Saw FORCE Ergo 21" (10 Series) Axes Felling Axe Ash Handle FGS 1.6-810 2.2kg Splitting Axe Ash Handle SUS 2.0-800 2.4kg Felling Axe Ash Handle FGS 1.8-810 2.4kg Standard Hand Axe HGPS 0.6-360 800g BAHMES35900 Splitting Axe Fibreglass Handle MES 3.5-900FG 3.8kg Felling Axe Hickory Handle FCP 2.3-860 3.0kg (6.6lb) BAHP51HSL P51HSL Professional Hedge Shear 30In Long BAHP74 P74 Long Handled Lawn Shears BAHP51 P51 Professional Hedge Shear 570mm 10mm Capacity