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Machinery By Brand The Other Brands Alpina Alko Stihl FSE60 Electric Strimmer FSE31 Electric Strimmer GTA26 Cordless Hand Pruner Stiga Mountfield Mitox MIVT30 55cm Hedge Trimmer Attachment MIVT14 Brushcutter attachment (square drive) Hayter Handy Cobra Atco Accessories Hose Fittings Professional Metal Hose Fittings 2044 Pro Metal Double Male Connector 2043 Pro Metal Hose Repair Connector 2041 Pro Metal Threaded Tap Connector 2035 Pro Metal Aquastop Connector 12.5-15mm 2030 Pro Metal Hose Connector 12.5-15mm Plastic Hose Fittings 2352 Threaded Tap Starter Set 2299 Spare O Rings & Washers Kit 2293 Y Connector 2292 Hose Nozzle 2291 Double Male Connector 2289 Threaded Adaptor 19mm 2274 Square Multi Tap Connector 2185 Aquastop Connector 12.5-15mm 2181 Non Return Valve 2177 Round Mixer Tap Connector Max 24mm 2176 Round Mixer Tap Conector Max 18mm 2175AV Threaded Tap & Hose End Connector 2170 Flat Hose & Spiral Hose Adaptor 2166 Hose End Connector 12.5-15mm DISCONTINUED 2100 Hose Repair Connector 12.5-15mm 2065 Aquastop Hose Connector 19mm 2060 Hose End Connector 19mm 2055 Aquastop Hose Connector 12.5-15mm 2050 Hose End Connector 12.5-15mm 2674 Jet Spray 2200 Hose repair connector 3/4 2185 Aquastop Connector 12.5-15mm 2175 Threaded Tap Connector 19mm 3/4 Promotional Items Toy chainsaw 04649340000 Toy brushcutter 04649370000 04643710010 Garden gnome Brushcutter Accessories AUTOCUT C25-2 head EZ Feed M-Twist Head 4" Spool and Line NG EZ Feed M-Twist Head 5.5" Grass Cutting Blade 230mm 4 tooth Grass Cutting Blade 230mm 2 tooth PolyCut 41-3 head PolyCut 20-3 head AUTOCUT 40-2 AUTOCUT 25-2 AUTOCUT C5-2 head Obsolete PolyCut 6-3 head Stihl Strimmer line square black 3.3mm/40m Stihl Strimmer line round orange 2.4mm/87m Stihl Strimmer line round orange 2.4mm/15.2m Stihl Strimmer line green 2.0mm/123m Stihl Strimmer line green 2.0mm/15.2m Stihl Strimmer line blue 1.6mm/15.2m Stihl Spool for FSE31 Stihl Strimmer line 1.4mm/16m PolyCut Blade for 6-3, 7-3, 20-3, 41-3, white (12) Bosch PLASTIC SAFETY BLADES (24 PACK) FOR ART 26 EASYTRIM ACCU ART 26 ACCU F016800183 Bosch PLASTIC SAFETY BLADES (24 PACK) FOR ART 23 EASYTRIM ACCU ART 23 ACCU F016800177 Stihl strimmer line round red 2.7mm/358m Brushcutter Blade, 3 Point Metal, 10" 1" centre Bosch EXTRA-STRONG LINE 23CM (10 PACK) FOR ART 23 COMBITRIM *0174 Oregon Rapid Fit Head Oregon Jet Fit Head 2 Line DuroCut 2.0 mm line x48 Stihl strimmer line round red 2.7mm/10.7m Pro High Speed Trimmer head - Bump feed DuroCut 5-2 Stihl Bulk Line Red 2.7mm/358m Stihl Strimmer line round red 2.7mm/68m Pro Trimmer Head 00009302247 Line round Ø 2.4 mm x 420,0 m orange Personal Protective Equipment Visors and Helmets Handy Visor/Muffs Combination Cobra Combi Forestry Helmet Cobra Combi Forestry Helmet (Commercial Use) VENT PLUS arborist helmet set Aero Light helmet set Stihl face ear protetion with Plastic Visor with padded HB and ED Stihl face ear protection with Nylon Mesh Visor, padded HB and ED Gloves Chainsaw Gloves *105L Stihl Work Gloves Leather: XLarge Stihl Work Gloves Leather: Large Stihl Work Gloves Leather: Medium Stihl Work Gloves Leather: Small Stihl Work Gloves Leather Ear Protection Concept 23 Ear Protection Concept 24 Ear Protection Concept 24F Ear Protection Concept 28 Ear Protection Aspen Fuels Aspen 4 stroke fuel 5 litres Aspen 2 stroke fuel 5 litres Aspen 4 stroke fuel 1 litre Aspen 2 stroke fuel 1 litre Fuel Accessories Combination Canister Orange: Orange Combination Canister Orange Fuel Fit 100ml 1 litre mixing bottle 5 litre fuel can green Aspen Filler Spout Fill Partner for Aspen 5 litre can Chainsaw Accessories Chain Oil Chains 36860000067 RM Rapid Micro Chain 1.6mm/0.063" .325 Oilomatic Chain 1.3mm, 3/8, per link 36210000066 RS Rapid Super Chain 1.6mm/0.063" 3/8" 36290000067 Chain loop RM 325 063 36520000072 RM Rapid Micro Chain 1.6mm/0.063" 3/8" 36850000072 Chain loop 25RM 325 058 36380000072 Chain loop RS 325 058 39460000080 Chain loop RS 404 063 36210000084 RS Rapid Super Chain 1.6mm/0.063" 3/8" 36100000044 PMM3 chain 1.1mm/0.043" 3/8"P 36100000050 PMM3 chain 1.1mm/0.043" 3/8"P 36700000064 PM3 Picco Micro Chain 1.1mm/0.043" 1.4"P 36360000044 PM3 Picco Micro Chain 1.3mm/0.05" 3/8"P 36360000050 PM3 Picco Micro Chain 1.3mm/0.050" 3/8"P 36360000055 PM3 Picco Micro Chain 1.3mm/0.050" 3/8"P 36160000044 PS3 Picco Super Chain 1.3mm/0.050" 1.3"P 36160000050 PS3 Picco Super Chain 1.3mm/0.050" 1.3"P 36390000062 RS Rapid Super Chain 1.6mm/0.063" .325 Bosch Chain Saw Chain 30cm/12" Chain Sharpen Stihl File Handle (FH3) Stihl Depth Gauge: .404" Stihl Depth Gauge: 1/4"P Stihl Depth Gauge: 1/4", 3/8"P, .325" + 3/8" Stihl Depth Gauge Stihl Flat File Stihl File Handle (FH1) Stihl File Handle (Wooden) Sharpening Kit: .404 - 5.5mm Sharpening Kit: 3/8" - 5.2mm Sharpening Kit: .325" - 4.8mm Sharpening Kit: 1/4" P - 3.2mm Sharpening Kit: 1/4"+3/8" P - 4.0mm Sharpening Kit Bars 30050004717 Guide bar R 45cm/18" 1,6mm/0.063" .325" 30050004813 Guide bar R 40cm/16" 1,3mm/0.05" 3/8"P 30050004809 Guide bar R 35cm/14" 1,3mm/0.050" 3/8" P 30050003909 Guide bar R 35cm/14" 1,1mm/0.043" 3/8" P Bags + Boxes Mitox Chainsaw Armacase Mitox Chainsaw Bag Stihl Chainsaw Bag 00008810508 Battery Tool Accessories Servicing and Repairs Other Machines petrol chainsaw Petrol Hand Held Blower Petrol Grass Trimmer/ Brushcutter Multi tool Engine Tractors Rotary Lawnmowers Cylinder Lawnmowers Hand Tools Chopping and Splitting Splitting Axe Ash Handle SUS 2.0-800 2.4kg Felling Axe Ash Handle FGS 1.8-810 2.4kg Standard Hand Axe HGPS 0.6-360 800g Camping Hatchet HUS 0.6-380 850g Cleaning and Sweeping Digging and Cultivating All Steel Square Mouth Shovel Wolf Garden Fixed Hand Planting Trowel Wolf Garden Fixed Hand Wide Trowel (7cm) Wolf Garden Fixed Hand Flower Fork (7.5cm) Wolf Garden Fixed Hand Double Hoe (7cm) Wolf Garden Fixed Hand Weeding/Planting Knife Wolf Garden Fixed Hand Grubber (7cm) Wolf Garden Fixed Bulb Planter (6cm) Multi Change Wolf Garden Tools Lawn Care Cutting and Pruning Hedge Shears Wilkinson Sword Serrated Hedge Shears Wolf Garden Telescopic Hedge Shear Wolf Garden Variable Hedge Shear Wolf Garden Traditional Hedge Shear Wolf Garden Box Tree Shear Tree Maintenance Wilkinson Sword Telescopic Tree Cutter (25mm) Wilkinson Sword Turbo Folding Saw Wolf Garden Cord Tidy Wolf Garden Branch Hook Wolf Garden Adjustable Fruit Picker Wolf Garden Professional Pruning Saw Wolf Garden Pruning Saw Wolf Garden Adjustable Anvil Tree Lopper Wolf Garden Anvil Tree Lopper Wolf Garden Folding Pruning Saw Secateurs Wolf Garden Professional Anvil Aluminium Secateurs (25mm) Wolf Garden Anvil Premium Plus Anvil Secateurs (25mm) Wolf Garden Anvil Comfort Plus Secateurs (25mm) Wolf Garden Bypass and Anvil Classic Secateurs Wolf Garden Anvil Classic Secateurs (19mm) Wolf Garden Professional Bypass Aluminium Secateurs (25mm) Wolf Garden Bypass Premium Plus Secateurs (22mm) Wolf Garden Bypass Comfort Plus Secateurs (22mm) Wolf Garden Bypass Basic Plus (18mm) Wolf Garden Bypass Classic Secateurs (21mm) Loppers PowerGear Bypass Lopper Medium L74 Wilkinson Sword Telescopic Bypass Loppers Wilkinson Sword Geared Bypass Lopper Wilkinson Sword Bypass Loppers Wolf Garden POWER Cut Anvil Lopper (50mm) Wolf Garden POWER Cut Bypass Lopper (50mm) Wolf Garden POWER Cut Anvil Lopper (45mm) Wolf Garden POWER Cut Bypass Lopper (45mm) Wolf Garden POWER Cut Anvil Lopper (40mm) Wolf Garden POWER Cut Bypass Lopper L (40mm) Wolf Garden POWER Cut Bypass Lopper S (40mm) Wolf Garden POWER Cut Bypass Lopper (35mm) Wolf Garden POWER Cut Bypass Lopper (30mm) Bow Saws Bow Saw FORCE Ergo 21" (10 Series) Bow Saw FORCE Ergo 30" (10 Series): Raker Tooth Bow Saw FORCE Ergo 30" (10 Series): Peg Tooth Hard Point Bow Saw FORCE Ergo 30" (10 Series) Bow Saw FORCE Ergo 24" (10 Series): Raker Tooth Bow Saw FORCE Ergo 24" (10 Series): Peg Tooth Hard Point Bow Saw FORCE Ergo 24" (10 Series) Bow Saw (Economy Series): 30" Bow Saw (Economy Series): 24" Bow Saw (Economy Series): 21" Bow Saw (Economy Series) AA3600 Raker Tooth Bow Saw Blade (23 Series): 30" Raker Tooth Bow Saw Blade (23 Series): 24" Raker Tooth Bow Saw Blade (23 Series): 21" Raker Tooth Bow Saw Blade (23 Series) Peg Tool Hard Point Bow Saw Blade (51 Series): 36" Peg Tool Hard Point Bow Saw Blade (51 Series): 30" Peg Tool Hard Point Bow Saw Blade (51 Series): 24" Peg Tool Hard Point Bow Saw Blade (51 Series): 21" Peg Tool Hard Point Bow Saw Blade (51 Series) Stihl Hand Tools Stihl Secateurs PG10 00008813604 Stihl EXTREME Bypass Lopping Shears PB30 PB25 Large Anvil Pruning Shears (40mm) 00008813653 Stihl Bypass Pruning Shears Light PB10 (30mm) 00008813669 Stihl Dynamic Bypass Shears 00008813664 Stihl Universal Secateurs PG20 00008813637 PH10 HEDGE SHEAR 59108902415 - SCREWDRIVER TORX Wilkinson Sword Wilkinson Sword Long Handled Edging Shears Wilkinson Sword Grenade Splitter Wilkinson Sword Splitting Axe Wilkinson Sword Felling Axe Wilkinson Sword Hatchet Axe Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Lawn Rake Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Soil Rake Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel 3 Prong Cultivator Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Dutch Hoe Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Swoe Style Hoe Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Edging Blade Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Border Fork Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Border Spade Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Digging Fork Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Digging Spade Wilkinson Sword Carbon Steel Lawn Rake Wilkinson Sword Carbon Steel Garden Rake Wilkinson Sword Carbon Steel Dutch Hoe Wilkinson Sword Carbon Steel Edging knife Wilkinson Sword Carbon Steel Border Fork Wilkinson Sword Carbon Steel Border Spade Wilkinson Sword Carbon Steel Digging Fork Wilkinson Sword Carbon Steel Digging Spade Wolf Garden Multi Change Trowel, Fork and Handle (120cm) Wolf Garden Fixed Hand Small Sweep (11.5cm) Wolf Garden Street Brush (40cm) Wolf Garden Squeegee (40cm) Wolf Garden Angle Broom (25cm) Wolf Garden Decking Brush (37cm) Wolf Garden House Brush (40cm) Wolf Garden Patio Broom (37cm) Wolf Garden Yard Broom (31cm) Wolf Garden Flexi Broom (25cm) Wolf Garden Dustpan & Small Handle (25cm) Wolf Garden Pond Net (35x30cm) Wolf Garden Window Wiper (35cm) Wolf Garden Window Washer (35cm) Wolf Garden Garden Scraper Wolf Garden Weeding Brush (replacement heads) Wolf Garden Weeding Brush Wolf Garden Garden Weeder Wolf Garden Weed Extractor (4cm) Wolf Garden Weeding Knife (4cm) Wolf Garden Roller Moss Removal Rake (30cm) Wolf Garden Moss Removal Rake (30cm) Wolf Garden Long Span Rake (58cm) Wolf Garden All Purpose Rake (50cm) Wolf Garden Leaf Rake (42cm) Wolf Garden Lawn Rake (50cm) Wolf Garden Springtine Rake (50cm) Wolf Garden Lawn Edge Trimmer Wolf Garden Lawn Edge Iron (22.5cm) Wolf Garden Mini Hoe (7cm) Wolf Garden Small Double Hoe (5cm) Wolf Garden Small Rake (8cm) Wolf Garden Small Crumbler (7cm) Wolf Garden Fan Rake (11cm) Wolf Garden Small Sweep (11cm) Wolf Garden Small Cultiweeder (7cm) Wolf Garden Mini Cultivator (7cm) Wolf Garden Hand Trowel (8cm) Wolf Garden Hand Fork (7.5cm) Wolf Garden Draw Hoe (15cm) Wolf Garden Small Draw Hoe (10cm) Wolf Garden Swoe Style Hoe Wolf Garden Push/Pull Weeder (15cm) Wolf Garden Push/Pull Weeder (10cm) Wolf Garden Dutch Hoe (13cm) Wolf Garden Bow Rake (40cm) Wolf Garden Soil Rake (30cm) Wolf Garden Close toothed Rake (19cm) Wolf Garden Seed Sower Wolf Garden Ridger (20cm) Wolf Garden Double Hoe (8cm) Wolf Garden Soil Miller (15cm) Wolf Garden Cultivator (15cm) Wolf Garden Aerator (3.5cm) Wolf Garden Cultiweeder (10cm) Wolf Garden Cultivator (11cm) Wolf Garden Grubber (9cm) Telescopic Handle 220-400cm Telescopic Handle 170-300cm Wooden Handle (170cm) Wooden Handle (150cm) Wooden Handle & Grip (170cm) OBSOLETE Wooden Handle & Grip (140cm) Wooden Handle & Grip (100cm) Aluminium Handle (150cm) Aluminium Handle (120cm) Aluminium D-Grip Handle (120cm) Aluminium D-Grip Handle (85cm) Small Handle (35cm) Mini Handle (15cm) Wolf Garden Fruit Picker fruit picker set Multi Change Handles Parts Spark Plugs Spark Plug - RJ19LM Spark Plug - CMR6A Spark Plug - CR5HSB Spark Plug - D16 Spark Plug - RCJ7Y Spark Plug - RDJ7Y Spark Plug - B5HS Spark Plug - BR6HS Spark Plug - CMR7A Spark Plug - J8C Spark Plug - DJ8J Spark Plug - CJ8 Spark Plug - RN11YC Spark Plug - RC12YC Spark Plug - CJ7Y Spark Plug - J19LM Spark Plug - BPR4ES Spark Plug - B4LM Spark Plug - B6ES Spark Plug - BPR6HS Spark Plug (Loncin) - 00044007000 Spark Plug - B6S Spark Plug - CJ6Y Spark Plug - BMR6A Spark Plug - CMR6H - 00004007011 Spark Plug (Kohler) - 00024007000 Spark Plug - Z9Y Briggs and Stratton Spares FILTER-A/C CARTRIDGE 594201 FILTER-OIL 492932S FUEL-FILTER 394358S JET-MAIN 592801 JET-MAIN 593299 Starter Motor 796386 Carburettor BP591160 STARTER REWIND 593959 Air Filter 272235s Primer 594281 Air Filter 591583 Pre Filter 796254 JET-MAIN 592803 Pulley Spring Assembly 493824 Air Filter BP499486S Thermostat BP593208 Choke Shaft BP494218 Governor Spring BP796483 Governor Idle Spring BP691859 Spark Plug Boot BP66538S Choke Return Spring BP798900 Governor Spring BP691297 Air Filter BP27987S Recoil Grip BP799716 Air Filter BP697029 Air Filter Pre BP273356S CARBURETOR BP694205 Carburettor BP795477 TANK-FUEL BP590949 Fuel Filter BP298090s 13mm Hose Clamp 791850 Cap - Fuel Tank BP497929S Cap - Fuel Tank BP692046 FILTER-AIR CLEANER FO BP799579 MODULE FUEL ASSY BP596521 MODULE FUEL ASSY BP596522 MODULE FUEL ASSY BP596523 MODULE FUEL ASSY BP596524 CAP-FUEL TANK BP799585 COVER-AIR CLEANER BP595658 CARBURETOR BP799868 MOTOR-STARTER BP593934 FILTER-A/C CARTRIDGE BP794422 PULLEY-STARTER BP280439S SPRING-REWIND STR BP490179 GASKET-CYLINDER HEAD BP796475 REGULATOR BP845907 JET-MAIN BP799227 ENGINE PACKED SINGLE CARTON BE09P6020015H1YY0001 COVER-ROCKER BP595349 ARMATURE-MAGNETO BP590455 SPRING-GOVERNOR BP691852 SCREW BP697102 CRANKSHAFT BP797019 CARBURETOR BP499952 SPRING-GOVERNOR BP692205 GASKET-FUEL TANK BP692241 DIAPHRAGM-CARBURETOR BP272538S Briggs & Stratton Quantum Carb Gasket Set 498261 TANK-FUEL BP494406 CRANKSHAFT BP796217 SHAFT-THROTTLE BP696565 Filter - Air Cleaner CA 795066 Kit - Needle/Seat BP398188 Filter - A/C Foam BP698369 Key - Flywheel BP222698S Gasket - Cylinder Head BP697230 Gasket - Cylinder Head BP698717 Gasket - Air Cleaner 795629 Terminal - Spark Plug BP493880S SPRING-GOVERNOR BP698726 Diaphragm - Carburetor BP795083 Grip - Starter Rope BP281434S Pulley/Spring Assy BP499901 Pulley/Spring Assy BP498144 ARMATURE-MAGNETO BP590454 BRACKET-CONTROL BP692617 CRANKSHAFT BP595488 SEAL-OIL BP391483S GASKET-CRANKCASE BP799587 GASKET-FLOAT BOWL BP796610 GASKET-FUEL TANK BP272409S GASKET-INTAKE BP27355S DIAPHRAGM-CARBURETOR BP270026 FILTER-A/C CARTRIDGE BP399877S CARBURETOR BP591109 CRANKSHAFT BP493633 KEY-DRIVE PULLEY BP692191 GASKET-INTAKE BP272199S CRANKSHAFT BP590537 SEAL-OIL BP399781S CRANKSHAFT BP796469 VALVE-FUEL SHUT OFF BP698181 VALVE-FUEL SHUT OFF BP698183 GASKET-ROCKER COVER BP691890 DIPSTICK/TUBE ASSEMBL BP590572 FILTER-PRE CLEANER BP272403S DRIVE-STARTER BP693699 FILTER-A/C CARTRIDGE BP496894S SPRING-GOVERNOR BP690251 MANIFOLD INTAKE 699644 GASKET INTAKE 699649 FILTER-AIR CLEANER CA 795115 Primer Bulb for Quantum engines and Intek 625-875 Series engines 694395 Primer Bulb for Sprint engines 694394 GASKET-CRANKCASE BP692232 PIN-SHAFT BP691623 SHAFT-AUX DRIVE BP691778 COVER-AIR CLEANER 593228 CARBURETOR BP799226 GASKET-CRKCSE/015 BP692218 HEAD-CYLINDER BP595351 SPRING-GOVERNED IDLE BP692434 SPRING-GOVERNOR BP692906 CARBURETOR BP697914 SPARK PLUG BOOT ALL ENGINES 992365 CAMSHAFT BP691449 STARTER-REWIND -L1 BP497830 ARMATURE-MAGNETO BP591459 BOWL-FLOAT BP495933 SEAL-OIL BP299819S CRANKSHAFT ASSEMBLY BP593916 CRANKSHAFT BP590538 SUMP-ENGINE BP590569 JET-MAIN BP699457 MUFFLER BP699769 ARMATURE-MAGNETO BP799650 THERMOSTAT BP796486 MUFFLER BP796495 SCREW BP690255 SPRING-CHOKE RETURN BP690354 SPRING-AIR VANE BP790849 SB MODEL 12 VERT BP799982 Belt-V BP037X74MA COVER-AIR CLEANER BP590581 Gasket - Cylinder Head BP692249 ARMATURE-MAGNETO BP592335 CARBURETOR BP495459 Armature-Magneto BP593872 Carburettor 595656 Boot - Spark Plug BP692076 JET-MAIN 592804 B&S Cap - Fuel Tank BP799585 STARTER REWIND 796497 GASKET-EXHAUST BP692236 Filter - A/C Cartridge BP393725 Cover - Air Guide BP691197 Cover - Air Guide BP691196 CARBURETOR 593432 Air Filter 992375 SPRING-FRICTION BP691855 PLATE-PAWL FRICTION 692299 PAWL-RATCHET 281505S Ignition Kit BS294628 Filter - A/C Cartridge BP397795S THERMOSTAT -L3 BP798938 GASKET-FLOAT BOWL -L1 BP693981 SEAL-DIPSTICK TUBE -L2 BP692296 FILTER-AIR CLEANER CA -L1 BP792038 FAN-FLYWHEEL -L3 691346 FLYWHEEL -L3 692693 SHAFT-CHOKE -L2 499779 GASKET-INTAKE -L2 692668 CARBURETOR -L2 694203 GASKET-AIR CLEANER -L1 692667 GUARD-MUFFLER -L2 590566 TANK-FUEL -L2 591947 Rover Spares blade bolt set A04139K Blade Tip Pair A01118 Blade Tip Pair A03830K Blade Bolt Set A00673K Blade Bolt Set A00672K Hayter Spares 111-0633 DEFLECTOR 111-0588 FRONT AXLE W/A 111-0701 CABLE CLUTCH V/S 340015 Cutterbar 56 480149 Cutterbar 48 HY201026 Cutterbar 41 HY100012 Cutterbar Envoy 111-7672 GEARBOX 53 111-1796-03 ROLLER W/A PRO **H48** 410060 UNDERDECK COVER 410058 CHUTE 111-1548 CLUTCH CABLE 411001 variator pulley 410057W friction disc 306107 Clutch Cable 302026 cutterbar 16 37X74 cutter belt 410044 Roller 41 410028 Deflector Rear 111-7668 belt drive 53 411038 Shaft Roller 480094 Cable Clutch 411013 Cover - Drive 410069 Bearing-Axle Front 411037 key 111-5339 Grass Bag Fabric 111-1714 Deflector Rear 111-0202 Connecting Rod 111-0133 Underdeck Cover 111-0131 Underdeck Chute 306108 BRACKET CABLE CLUTCH 306050 drive belt 134-0184 SPRING-TENSION HY590 blade bolt set hayterette 2779 blade set hayterette 100002 capacitor 560008 FRONT AXLE W/A HARRIER 56 111-8567 CUTTERBAR HARRIER 41 100014 carrier cutterbar 09392 plastic bolt 100039 HOC knob 111-0093 Cutterbar Spirit 108-8157 Cable - Brake 111-0102 BAILARM - PETROL 411024 Belt Variator 520 111-1250 Wheel Ribbed 480088 Knob Handle Bar 305104 GRASSBAG FABRIC L 219012 PLATE HEIGHT ADJ 09322 MONOBOLT 1/4 HY100033 BEARING WHEEL 219090 LEVER CLUTCH 219067 COVER PTO 192268 impeller 397041 SEAL SHAFT 12*18*3 398001 TRANSMISSION 397016 BUSHING *ST* 09766 BOLT COACH UNC 1/4*1,3/4 CUPSQ 09263 WASHER 1/4 X 7/8 X .08" THK 397046 KNOB HANDLEBAR *ST* 09197 1/4" UNC PLAIN NUT 110-7066 BAFFLE-FRONT 120-3942 FRONT PIVOT BAR ASM 119-3777 7 INCH WHEEL AND TIRE ASM 110-7068 CLAMP-AXLE, FRONT 110-7175 SCREW-PAN HEAD, TAP 120-0168 ARM-SPRING 110-7125 KNOB-HOC 110-7109 EA COVER-BELT 61-0790 SCREW-HH 14-4489 FRONT HOC BRACKET ASM 3296-39 NUT-LOCK, NI 111-1164 UNDERDECK FIXED 219156 PULLEY JOCKEY (MOULDED) 111-7714 MOTOR 411002 GEARBOX (M) 111-1150 CABLE VARIATOR 560041 CABLE ENGINE BRAKE - VS 411021 clutch spring 120-3335 BELT-SYNCHRONOUS 111-0594 FRONT FINS 111-1841 SWITCH AND LEAD ASSY 111-2021 Wheel Assembly Spirit MU37X87 V Belt Motion Drive (13/30) 411025 Belt Variator 450 111-1254 V Belt 111-0771 Belt Variator 536 111-1469 Cable Clutch 111-0192 Cable BBC 111-0998 Cable Engine Brake (OPC 48) 111-0997 Cable Engine Brake (OPC 56) HY03354 Pin Selloc Spring 3/16x1 HD HY226024 Bolt Handle Bar 100013 Cutterbar Fixing Bolt (Envoy) 111-1492 Roller Bearing 111-1552 18T Sprocket 340150 Roller Freewheel 219102 Housing Bearing Roller 219051 17T Sprocket Assy MU690409 Pulley (Idler) 305119 Seal Sponge 410016 Bracket - Roller Frame Pivot R/H HY410002 Bracket - Pivot L/H 110-4923 THROTTLE CABLE ASM 111-1941 PULLEY GEARBOX 411023 PIN 410087 HAYTER LOGO (03) 410039 FABRIC GRASSBAG 111-1196 KIT - 2 PIECE CON ROD 410036 CABLE ENGINE BRAKE -A/D 410033 WHEEL COVER RH 305110 SPRING DEFLECTOR LH 305111 SPRING DEFLECTOR R/H HY100075 TOP-GRASSBAG 111-1151 CABLE CLUTCH V/S 111-6614 drive cable 480119 FOAM SEALING STRIP 480140 DEFLECTOR REAR 480054 HANDWHEEL ASSY 09122 BOLT UNF 3/8 X 2.1/4 S QUAL 111-0527 SPRING CABLE ANCHOR 510118 NIPPLE SPLIT 219142 COUPLING (2.5 ) 305131 SUPPORT ROLLER FRAME DRILLED 411015 CABLE CLUTCH - A/D 341028 THROTTLE CONTROL TYPE T60 111-1921-03 LEVER CLUTCH 300104 CONNECTING ROD 239065 ROLLER REAR 111-1021 KIT - H48 GRASSBAG&CABLE TIES 301015 JOCKEY ARM ASSY 480171 PULLEY SPROCKET ASSEMBLY 486037 CHAIN NO.81 40 PITCH 03096 CIRCLIP EXT 1/2" 02575 WASHER 1/2" X 7/8" X 22G 111-0700 CABLE ENGINE BRAKE V/S 340129 OILITE BUSH ROLLER 5321 KEY WOODRUFF NO 305 5/8 X 3/32 09545 SCREW M6 X 12 C/SK POZI TAP 219060 MOULDING BEARING HOUSING 340105 PULLEY ASSY 340109 COUPLING (4 ) 03997 ROLL PIN 3/16 X 3/4 LG 341029 HANDLEBAR UPPER - MOULDED 300147 Grassbag Fabric 111-0096 CABLE - ENGINE BRAKE 410050 SPRING COUNTER BALANCE 560046 HOC LEVER W/A 111-1926 Battery 343030 CONTROL BBC ASSY 111-1727 ROLLER SHAFT W/A **H48** 111-0218 THROWPLATE ## 411011 SPROCKET GEARBOX 10T*3/8" 100515 SWITCH & LEAD ASSY HY4014 DISTANCE PIECE CUTTERBAR 111-0740-03 ROLLER W/A PRO 120-9500-03 Toro timemaster mulching blade 65-4740 WASHER-THRUST, KEYED 65-4720 SPRING-COMPRESSION 65-2720 RING-CLIP, LOCKING 66-6040 KEY-ROCKING, RH 111-0095 CABLE - CLUTCH 219076 GRASSBAG ASSY 111-1094 CABLE ENGINE BRAKE V/S 111-0519 HANDLEBAR UPPER MOULDED 111-1083 CABLE CLUTCH 410059 THROWPLATE 111-9662 EA OPC LEVER - ENGINE 312002 CABLE ENGINE BREAK 486031 THROTTLE CONTROL TYPE T60 111-3343 CABLE ENGINE BRAKE 09788 BOLT UNF 3/8 *3.1/4 HEX HEAD HY412007 CABLE ENGINE BRAKE -V/S MU740299 GUIDE ASSY METAL HEIGHT (HB) 111-0053 MOULDING - ELECTRIC BLADE MOUNT 111-0054 Cutterbar HA 111-3661 CONTROL 56 BBC 486007 CABLE ENGINE BRAKE 411010 SPROCKET ROLLER 18T*3/8 111-3303 SUPPORT BRACKET REAR ROLLER 111-7670 BELT COVER 53 MU165X118 SPRING (HB) 36-8070 V-BELT 410032 wheel cover L/H 410078 CARRIER BLADE BOSS 111-1303 Support bracket rear roller 111-1193 cable variator 111-3363 clutch cable 219054 Chain 30 Pitch 1/2 x 1/8 09575 Screw Taptite M6x20 Washer 09365 Screw M6x16 Taptite Hex 300066 TRIGGER HEIGHT ADJ 111-1717 ROLLER SHAFT WA **H56** 305118 GRASSBAG ASSEMBLY 111-1042 REAR DEFLECTOR 111-1497-03 Frame Grassbag 56 Pro 410048 HOUSING - PIVOT BEARING LH 09786 SCREW TAPTITE M6*35 HEX W.HD 219070 CLUTCH CABLE 111-7245 PULLEY 340049 BELT 02385 GRIP FIX 111-1922 KIT REAR ROLLER HARRIER 56 PRO 111-7934 GEARBOX ASM [MC500 EVO] 1662 KEY WOODRUFF NO 505 111-7247 SPACER-BOSS 111-7246 BOSS-BLADE [56] 111-1276 BEARING 111-7157 PULLEY TAKE-UP HY239021 Pulley Tensioner 04020 Spring Grip Fix Ext 560028 CONN ROD W/A 111-1163 UNDERDECK REMOVABLE 0201086 WASHER STARLOCK 5/16 111-0063 ROD CONNECTING BAR WA 111-0027 AXLE FRONT WA 111-3433 PULLEY TAKE-UP 111-3413 CARRIER BLADE BOSS 411016 CHAIN 40 PITCHES 3/8 INC LINK 300070 SPRING COMPENSATING 305109 CONNECTING ROD 340056 CLUTCH CABLE 480132 SPRING TORSION HOL 110-7188 WASHER-STARLOCK PUSH 120-3919 SEAL-RUBBER 110-7178 DECAL 120-0193 DECAL-HOC REAR 120-0192 DECAL-DECK 120-0199 DECK ASM 111-3551 ENGINE SPEED CONTROL 343034 CUTTERBAR BBC 22 410035 CONTROL THROTTLE 91-2256-03 BLADE-21 INCH GGP Spares 118550748/0 AIR FILTER 181004365/3 BLADE 45CM 381000659/0 CLUTCH CABLE 322600170/0 INNER WHEEL COVER 322686091/1 FRONT WHEEL D=165MM 181004156/0 Blade 38cm Electric 181004157/0 WINGED BLADE EL340 135063710/0 Z25 Belt 135063800/0 Belt Z27 1822071 Bag Frame 1806200 Fabric Bag 115189003/0 drive chain 118550003/0 Recoil Pulley and Spring 135063902/0 Belt 122465618/0 blade boss 181000612/0 opc cable 181000661/0 opc cable 81000611-0 OPC cable 81000631/0 opc cable 481003285/1 Lever 122608527/0 GRASSCATCHER FRAME 81000697/0 drive cable 118550695/0 recoil pulley & spring 322060212/0 belt protector 118550509/0 fuel tank recoil kit 381002040/0 height adjust rod 182180091/0 battery charger 381003306/0 HOC Lever 122465607/3 Blade Boss 322076570/1 BATTERY SAFETY KEY 118550125/1 air filter base 122601933/0 PULLEY 322060279/1 RIGHT COVER ROLLER [GREEN] MP2 50 322060280/1 LEFT ROLLER COVER [GREEN] MP2 50 322060273/0 LEFT ROLLER COVER [BLACK] 322060272/0 RIGHT ROLLER COVER [BLACK] 322500118/0 FRONT DECK COVER [BLACK] 122060191/1 Belt Protector 322785305/1 AXLE SUPPORT 122060145/0 Belt Protector 181030088/0 ENGINE BRAKE CABLE L=1100 122060180/0 Belt Protector 181030087/0 ENGINE BRAKE CABLE 122060192/0 Belt Protector 122060193/0 Belt Protector 125795001/1 FUEL TANK CAP 181000618/0 OPC Cable 181000625/0 OPC Cable 381000668/1 Clutch Cable 381030051/0 Clutch Cable 118450072/0 Ignition Switch 118550359/0 Head Gasket SV150 122601916/0 Variator Pulley 118550199/0 Air Filter 118550697/0 Carburettor 181004381/1 BLADE 51cm 24563200/0 Blade Boss 112735698/0 Blade Bolt 3/8" 481007080/0 Throttle Cable 135063750/0 Belt 112819125/0 Bolt 118550699/0 Gasket Kit 118550126/0 Ignition Coil 94824359920 Woodruff Key 118550020/1 Air Vane - 150cc 118550011/0 Air Filter 118550147/0 Air Filter 181003301/0 DRIVE CONTROL LEVER 382207204/0 Blade Shaft assembly 118810019/0 GRASSBAG 181002320/0 GRASSBAG [BLACK] 118550001/0 Cap - Fuel Tank 118563696/1 ELECTRIC MOTOR 1600W 118736113/0 Solenoid 322670018/0 HALF ROLLER EL340 [GREY] 118120002/1 Battery 12V 18AH 118550276/1 Recoil Assembly 381003330/0 BRAKE LEVER ASSEMBLY PRO 381005115/0 ROLLER SUPPORT ASSEMBLY 50cm 322785153/0 GEARBOX SUPPORT BRACKET 119035152/0 SEAL RING 12 x 18 x 4 112520032/0 WASHER 12 x 18 x 1 122671659/0 WASHER M12 13 x 24 x 2 112000957/0 CIRCLIP D=10 322108315/0 SIDE DISCHARGE FLAP [BLACK] 181006432/0 GRASSCATCHER FRAME 118550016/0 carburettor (obsolete) 135065600/0 Toothed belt 183058040/0 RECOIL ASSEMBLY 183082003/0 STARTER CUP ASSEMBLY 322060287/0 FIXED R/H ROLLER COVER NT43 322060288/0 FIXED L/H ROLLER COVER NT43 322060249/1 L/H ROLLER COVER NT 322060248/1 r/h roller cover nt 381001143/0 CLUTCH DRIVE CABLE 181003364/0 CLUTCH DRIVE LEVER 118550161/2 RECOIL ASSEMBLY 200cc 381003253/0 LOCKING HANDLE LEVER [BLACK] 322060252/0 LEFT ROLLER COVER NT48 [GREEN] 322250014/0 AVS RUBBER DAMPER 322672201/0 RUBBER GROMMET 181005537/0 THROTTLE CABLE 122463012/2 BLADE BOSS D=22.2 119410609/1LC NEUTRAL SWITCH [HYDRO] 118120010/0 BATTERY 12V 9AH 119410618/0 MICRO SWITCH 384108054/0 DISCHARGE CHUTE ASSEMBLY 181003081/1 GEARBOX [GREY] 322465603/0 HUB FAN EP 420 125463200/0 BLADE BOSS 382207202/0 L/H BLADE SHAFT ASSEMBLY 182004346/0 MULCHING BLADE 98cm 322060282/0 LEFT ROLLER COVER MP2 55 [GREEN] 181005502/1 THROTTLE CABLE L=1440 322060274/0 LEFT ROLLER COVER [BLACK] 1111-3562-01 ROLLER CHAIN (RIVETED) 322060272/1 R/H ROLLER COVER MP2 50/55 [BLACK] 325318276/0 FULCRUM LEVER 181004131/0 MULCHING BLADE TURBO 45cm 1111-2816-01 HEIGHT ADJUST LEVER 118550151/0 GOVERNOR SPRING SV 150 322226194/0 FRONT COVER [BLACK] NT43 381006973/0 LOWER HANDLE [BLACK] 112815200/0 SCREW TTDQ M6 x 16 127488000/0 AIR INTAKE GRILL 384564111/0 CUTTER DECK CASING F72 [BLACK] 384001025/0 FRONT DECK LIFT AXLE 122943017/0 CARRIAGE BOLT M6 x 65 122943016/0 CARRIAGE BOLT M6 x 50 181003121/0 VARIATOR GEARBOX 118550276/1 RECOIL ASSEMBLY 140/160cc [WBE] 322551640/0 BRAKE CABLE FIX PLATE 118120004/0 BATTERY 12V 7.2AH 322109581/0 PROTECTION CAP 322735557/0 HEIGHT ADJUST QUADRANT 381001145/0 DRIVE CABLE 135061503/0 DECK DRIVE BELT A77 [KEVLAR] 181030079/0 ENGINE BRAKE CABLE L=995 381030119/0 VARIATOR CABLE 381000709/2 CLUTCH DRIVE CABLE 381030118/0 CLUTCH DRIVE CABLE 182004342/0 LEFT BLADE 122cm 381030082/0 CLUTCH DRIVE CABLE 322060248/0 RIGHT ROLLER COVER [BLACK 112610095/0 CIRCLIP D=28 322785126/0 BEARING SUPPORT 322038404/0 DRIVE AXLE BUSH 118550711/0 Fuel tank cap 322399835/0 HANDLE KNOB FAST RELEASE NTD 122131750/0 NUT M8 ES 41-46 322680016/0 HANDLE FIXING WASHER 118550449/0 VALVE GASKET SET (TRE0701) 135062000/1 BELT A 96 99900016/0 deflector kit 118210023/0 Ignition Key (Pair) 118810004/0 BLADE 181004417/0 TWINCLIP BLADE 55 181004415/0 TWINCLIP BLADE 50 181004366/2 MULCHING BLADE 48cm 181004341/3 BLADE 41cm 181004458/0 MULCHING BLADE 46cm 118210022/0 Pair of Keys 135062001/0 TRANSMISSION BELT A96 325318277/0 MICRO SWITCH LEVER 181030056/0 ENGINE BRAKE CABLE L=1275 381030092/1 CLUTCH DRIVE CABLE 181030070/0 ENGINE BRAKE CABLE 135062014/0 TRAPEZOIDAL BELT A97 EPDM 135061504/0 TRAPEZOIDAL BELT A77 SD98 118801237/0 RECOIL ASSEMBLY [BLACK] 135064394/0 VARI-SPEED BELT ZX31 LP=808 135064393/0 VARI-SPEED BELT ZX29 LP=757 122041943/0 BUSH 181004360/3 MULCHING BLADE L=390 MM NG41 135062813/1 DECK DRIVE BELT B55 K 118399065/1 MECHANICAL CLUTCH 125430210/1 BRAKE SPRING 382004616/0 PTO WIRE ASS.Y TC 102 NO/CLUTCH 112728690/0 SELF-TAP SCREW EJOT PTWN1411 KA50 x 25 322399805/0 ADJUST LEVER KNOB WBH ROLLER 322321505/0 HEIGHT ADJUST LEVER [ROLLER] 118550703/0 AIR FILTER COVER 322034002/0 WASHING CONNECTION NT BLACK 181005519/0 THROTTLE CABLE L=1390 181004155/0 Blade 42cm 381006776/0 LOWER HANDLE [GREY] 122519824/0 ROLLER PIN 135061508/0 DECK DRIVE BELT AA86 127722354/1 PC BOARD EL63/NR66 122465656/0 BLADE BOSS D=22 123120015/0 LEFT NUT 123250003/0 LOWER RING NUT 182180053/0 BATTERY CHARGER KIT 0.2A CB02 U 1134-9148-01 DECK DRIVE BELT [KEVLAR] 118399066/1 CLUTCH LOWER HALF 9585-0164-01 TOOTHED BELT 322785448/0 RIGHT REAR SUPPORT PLATE [GREY] 127034066/2 steering control arm 327787045/1 BLADE SUPPORT EL 63 184109501/0 WINGED BLADE 63cm 123733006/0 FUEL TANK ASSEMBLY 123275032/0 RUBBER PIPE GROMMET 118550716/0 FUEL TUBE 118120012/0 BATTERY 12V 7.2AH 125600051/0 PC BOARD PROTECTION COVER 118550214/0 STARTER MOTOR 322463186/3 BLADE BOSS D=17 119410613/0 MICRO SWITCH N.O. M2839 BLADE BOSS 181003082/1 Gearbox-Grey 322321700/1 Drive Brake Lever 112361005/0 HEXAGON NUT 1/4-20 UNC (WZ) 112820655/0 SCREW 1/4 X 2 1/4 181000688/0 ENGINE BRAKE CABLE L=1050 118550737/0 AIR FILTER ASSEMBLY 181003077/1 GEARBOX [BLACK] 119216035/0 BEARING 6001 2RS (12 x 28 x 8) 384004606/0 BLADE ENGAGE CABLE 125033113/0 PARKING BRAKE ROD SD98 181004121/0 Blade 45cm 135062012/0 Transmission Belt A98 181003092/0 GEARBOX [BLACK] RCL290047-00 THROTTLE CABLE 118550019/0 CARBURETTOR GASKET SET 118550017/0 CHOKE LEVER 118550133/0 AIR CLEANER COVER (RV150) 322465644/1 FAN/BLADE HOLDER 1134-9119-01 BLADE TIP KIT 181030001/0 ENGINE BRAKE CABLE ES53 B&S 500 122465608/2 BLADE BOSS D=25mm 122465630/0 BLADE BOSS D=25MM 381007351/0 FRONT WHEEL-170MM 118550704/0 Air Filter 118550698/0 AIR PURGE PUMP 181004144/0 WINGED MULCHING BLADE L=530 TU55 181003087/1 GEARBOX 4 SPEED TU50-55R M5971 Clutch Cable 119216036/0 BEARING 6201-2RSNR 381007401/0 DRIVE ROLLER ASSEMBLY 322545204/0 FULCRUM BLOCK 112436051/0 LOCK PLATE D=8 381002041/0 WHEELS CONTROL ROD ASS.Y NT ROLLER 381302859/0 FRONT WHEELS AXLE NT48 ROLLER 184109505/0 BLADE Bosch (Qualcast) Spares Flymo Spares Flymo Trimmer Head Cap (FLY060) Flymo Spacer Washers x2 (FLY017) Flymo Trimmer Lines x10 (FLY018) Flymo Shredding Lines x 5 (FLY024) Flymo Cutting Disc (FLY052) Flymo Spool & Line (FLY021) Flymo Plastic Blades x6 (FLY015) Flymo Plastic Blades x6 (FLY014) Flymo Plastic Blades x6 (FLY013) Flymo Plastic Blades x10 (FLY012) Flymo 38cm Metal Blade (FLY064) Flymo 35cm Metal Blade (FLY008) Flymo 33cm Metal Blade (FLY027) Flymo 33cm Metal Blade (FLY007) Flymo 33cm Metal Blade (FLY006) Flymo 32cm Metal Blade (FLY005) Flymo 30cm Metal Blade (FLY004) Flymo 30cm Metal Blade (FLY002) Flymo 15m Cable (FLY102) Flymo 30cm Metal Blade (FLY003) Flymo Belt (FLY055) Flymo 32cm Metal Blade (FLY046) Flymo Belt J4 (FLY056) Flymo Spool & Line (FLY020) Oil & Workshop Workshop Consumables 07811201109 - MULTI PURPOSE GREASE 80G TUBE Gear Lubricant for Brushcutters & Clearing Saws Holts Easy Start MULTIPURPOSE GREASE - 500G - COMMA *2500G WD 40 penetrating fluid BLUE PAPER ROLL 2 PLY - SINGLE PKQ020 gt85 aerosol *gt85 BLUE NITRILE LARGE gloves PCGL8953 SuperClean Blade Resin Solvent 300ml Oil, Grease and Lubricants 4 Stroke Oil B&S 4 Stroke oil 25 litres SAE30 B&S 4 Stroke oil 0.6 litres SAE30 B&S 4 Stroke oil 0.5 litres SAE30 B&S 4 Stroke oil 5 litres SAE30 Honda 4 stroke oil 0.6 litres 10W30 API/SJ B&S 4 Stroke oil 1.4 litres SAE30 Honda 4 stroke oil 1 litre 10W30 API/SJ B&S 4 Stroke oil 2.0 litres SAE30 B&S 4 Stroke oil 1.0 litres SAE30 2 Stroke Oil 2 Stroke Oil 1 litre Maruyama Blue Ultra Shield HP 2 stroke oil 1 litre HP 2 stroke oil 100ml 2 stroke oil 100ml maruyama blue ultra shield HP Ultra 2 stroke Oil 1 litre HP 2 stroke oil 1 litre metered HP Super 2 stroke oil 1 litre HP Super 2 stroke oil 100ml HP Ultra 2 Stroke Oil 100ml Chain Oil Multioil Bio for GTA26 50ml SynthPlus Chain Oil 5 litres SynthPlus Chain Oil 1 litre Machinery By Type Miscellaneous TS410 Disc Cutter BT360 Earth Auger 43082000013 Pressure Washers RE129 PLUS High pressure cleaner HPS550R Pressure Washer HPS235R Pressure Washer RE143 PLUS High pressure cleaner Lawn Tractors GT 48H Twin Tractor - Atco GTX 40H Twin Tractor - Atco GT 38H Twin Tractor - Atco GTX 36H Twin Tractor - Atco GT 30H Tractor - Atco Rider 28H Ride-On - Atco Rider 27H Ride-On - Atco Batteries & Chargers Alpina Battery Charger Alpina Li Battery 48V - 2.0 Ah SBT5048AE 5AH BATTERY Cover for AP battery AL500 Quick charger AP300 Battery AL300 High-speed charger AP200 Battery 48V Fast Charger - Alpina AS2 Battery Charging cable LK 45 GB Battery belt (belt only) 80V BATTERY - 5.0 Ah AK30 Battery AK10 Battery AL101 Battery charger AP belt bag with connecting cord AP100 Battery HSA25 telescopic shaft kit AK20 Battery AR3000 Backpack battery AR2000 Backpack battery AR1000 Backpack battery Shredders GHE105 Shredder Cultivators AL-Ko MH350-4 cultivator AK112644 Scarifiers AL-KO 38E Combi care COS36E 14" ELECTRIC SCARIFIER/ LAWN RAKER RL540.0 Scarifier Multitools & Attachments FSB-KM Brushcutter Bent Shaft KB-KM Bristle Brush HL-KM 145 20" Hedgetrimmer SMT24AE Multi tool 28MT-a Multi Tool Complete Kit KM Carbon Shaft Extension FS-KM Mowing Head Autocut HT-KM Pole Pruner KM56RCE Kombi Tool Engine BG-KM Blower MC-HTS Multi Tool Art Hedge Trimmer Short MC-S Nylon Cord Trimmer KM Aluminium Shaft Extension 0.5M BF-KM Pick Tine MB-KM Brushcutter KM94RCE Kombi Tool Engine KB-MM Bristle brush MM56 MultiEngine & Wheel FCB-KM Edge Trimmer KMA130R Cordless KombiEngine tool only Strimmers & Brushcutters FSA45 Cordless trimmer LI-ION TRIMMER (LOOP HANDLE) GT3024V FS55 Petrol Grass Trimmer ART24 ELECTRIC GRASS TRIMMER ART23SL Trimmer 26L - Brushcutter 25CSP - Grass Trimmer FS55R Petrol Grass Trimmer FS40 Petrol Grass Trimmer FS38 Petrol Grass Trimmer FSA56 Cordless trimmer Autocut 2.2 set BC3021H-RS Brushcutter ART23-18LI CORDLESS GRASS TRIMMER FS94RCE Loop handle brushcutter FS94CE Brushcutter ART27 ELECTRIC GRASS TRIMMER FSA130R Cordless trimmer tool only FS50CE Petrol Grass Trimmer Garden Carts GCT200P 300kg Hand Cart 10" Pneumatic Tyres Plastic Body COGCT200P GCT320HD GARDEN CART Spreaders The Handy 22kg Push Spreader 2030 Residential Spreader Sprayers SG11 PLUS MANUAL SPRAYER SG31 Manual Sprayer 5L SG51 Back Pack Sprayer 12l 4.8kg SG11 Manual sprayer *4910 SG71 backpack sprayer 18L Blowers & Vacuums 26B-SP Blower SHE71 Electric Blower/Vacuum SBL327V Blower Vacuum BGA100 Cordless Blower tool only BGA85 Cordless Blower tool only BR700 Backpack Blower SH56CE Hand Held Blower/Vac Electric Blower Vac - Cobra BG86CE Hand Held Blower BG56CE Hand Held Blower BGA56 Cordless Blower Set BL85 Backpack Blower 42417002200 Vacuum attachment 42410071003 Gutter cleaning set 260BX Premium Blower Maruyama Hand Held Blower SH86CE Vacuum Shredder 27.2cc Eng 5.7kg Air Throughput 770m3/h ErgoSta 26CC BLOWER VAC BV26C BGA45 Cordless Blower BR600 Backpack Blower BGA56 Cordless Blower Tool only Chainsaws MS661CM Chainsaw (36") Electric Chainsaw (16") - Cobra MS261CM Chainsaw (16") MS261CM Chainsaw (18") MS211 Chainsaw (16") MS181 Chainsaw (14") MS181CBE Chainsaw (16") MS880 Chainsaw (48") MS271 Chainsaw (15") MS251 Chainsaw (18") MS150CE Chainsaw (12") Electric Pole Pruner - Cobra Electric Chainsaw (14") - Cobra CS41 - Chainsaw (16") MS211CBE Chainsaw (16") MS181 Chainsaw (16") MS171 Chainsaw (14") MS170 Chainsaw (12") MSA120CBQ Cordless Chainsaw set MS201TCM Chainsaw (12") MS150TCE Chainsaw (10") MS251CBE Chainsaw (18") MS180 Chainsaw (14") MS201TCM Chainsaw (14") MS462CM Chainsaw (25") MS661CM Chainsaw (28") 455CSX Premium Chainsaw 415CSX Premium Chainsaw 385CSX Premium Chainsaw MSA161T Cordless Chainsaw 30cm/12" tool only MS181CBE Chainsaw (14") MSA160CBQ Cordless Chainsaw,30cm/12" tool only Hedgetrimmers HSA45 Cordless Hedgetrimmer 28LH Long Reach Hedge trimmer HSE71 Electric hedge trimmer, 60cm/24" HS82RCE Hedgetrimmer 30" Electric Long Reach Hedge Trimmer - Cobra Electric Hedge Trimmer (55cm) - Cobra DO NOT USE HSA56 Cordless Hedgetrimmer set HS45 Hedgetrimmer 24" 600DX Hedgetrimmer HLA65 Cordless long reach hedge trimmer tool only HS87R 30" HEDGETRIMMER HSA25 Cordless shrub shears Set HSA86 Cordless Hedgetrimmer 24" tool only Electric Hedge Trimmer (60cm) - Cobra SGM72AE MULTI-MATE HSA56 Cordless Hedgetrimmer tool only HS45 Hedgetrimmer 18" HSA94 R Cordless Hedgetrimmer 30" tool only HSE52 Electric hedge trimmer, 50cm/20" Lawnmowers Combi 43AE 80V Lawnmower SLM4048AE 5AH Lawnmower SLM3648SR 2.5AH Lawnmower SP53 Elite 21" Lawnmower Liner 22SH BBC Lawnmower Liner 18SLI 80V c/w charger (NO BATTERY) Quattro 22SH BBC Lawnmower Combi 50SAE 80V Lawnmower R53A Recycling Mower - Autodrive R53S Recycling Mower - Autodrive Spirit 41 Four Wheel - Push Harrier 56 Autodrive BBC Harrier 56 Autodrive, ES Harrier 56 Autodrive Harrier 48 PRO Harrier 48 Autodrive BBC Harrier 48 Autodrive ES Harrier 48 Autodrive Liner 22SHV Lawnmower - Atco Liner 19SV Lawnmower - Atco Liner 18SH Lawnmower - Atco Liner 18SE Lawnmower - Atco Liner 18S Lawnmower - Atco Liner 16SH Lawnmower - Atco Liner 16S Lawnmower - Atco Liner 16 Lawnmower - Atco Quattro 19SH Lawnmower - Atco Quattro 19SE 4 in 1 Lawnmower - Atco Quattro 19S 4 in 1 Lawnmower - Atco Quattro 16S Lawnmower - Atco Quattro 16 Lawnmower - Atco Quattro 15S Lawnmower - Atco Quattro 22SV 4 in 1 M46B 18" Lawnmower Push - Cobra M40B 16" Lawnmower Push - Cobra MX46SPE 18" Electric Self Propelled Lawnmower - Cobra GTRM34 Electric Lawnmower 13" - Cobra SP46 18" Lawnmower HP46 18" Lawnmower Harrier 41 PRO Harrier 41 Autodrive Osprey 46 Autodrive Osprey 46 Push Spirit 41 Autodrive Spirit 41 Push Spirit 41 Electric Push Envoy 36 Electric Push AHM38G PUSH hand mower c/w grassbox AL-KO 2.8HM Hand Mower c/w grassbox Liner 19SEV Lawnmower - Atco Liner 16SLI 80V c/w charger (NO BATTERY) MB248.4 Lawnmower ME339 Electric Lawnmower Quattro 19SHV 4 in 1 Lawnmower SP42 16" Lawnmower HP42 16" Lawnmower Harrier 56 PRO BBC Harrier 48 PRO BBC Harrier 41 Autodrive ES Harrier 41 Push RM655.0RS Lawnmower RM545.0VR Lawnmower RME235.0 Lawnmower RM253.0T Lawnmower RM248.0 Lawnmower RM248.0T Lawnmower RMA235.0 Cordless Lawnmower tool only RMA339.0C Cordless lawnmower (tool only) The Handy 30cm (12") Hand Mower Second Hand Machinery