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Oregon Jet Fit Head 2 Line

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Oregon 111110 Jet Fit Head

These heads have been designed to optimise performance of Flexiblade in the broadest range of application. Two models are available. They both take 26cm pieces of precut Flexiblade or any other trimmer line. They feature an easy loading mechanism and fit the majority of counter-clockwise brushcutters available on the market. The heads accept any line profiles, round, star, square and take gauges from 2.0mm up to 4.5mm.

Incorporating the Flexiblade cutting system, these heads give surprisingly powerful cutting performance. With Flexiblade the outer material is serrated on two opposite sides. The other non-serrated sides act like a reinforcement ensuring the teeth are always oriented on the forward cutting edge.

The Oregon Jet-Fit 2 Line FlexiBlade Brushcutter Head primarily designed for small to medium powered brushcutters to perform traditional brushcutting applications.

Product Features

•Heavty duty aluminium head

•Easy load mechanism

•Uses 26cm pre cut line of any shape from 2.00mm to 4.0mm

•Flexiblade cutting system gives surprisingly powerful cutting permformance

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