Retail EPoS System

Here at Southport Garden Machinery we have a retail EPoS system and eCommerce website which is provided by Intelligent Retail. The EPoS system helps to manage the products, stock control, reporting, customers, sales and more, both in store and online all from one central place.

Who are Intelligent Retail?

Intelligent Retail provide retail solutions in the form of multichannel EPoS systems and eCommerce websites. They were the first company to specifically create a multichannel retail solution for independent retailers and it all started with founders having their own independent retail business. Discovering the issue of finding a system that could cover multiple sales channels for an independent retailer, they set about creating a solution using their background in IT - and Connect was born.

The company has won several awards over the years including the Retail Solutions - Multichannel Integration Award and the Business Magazine - Innovation Award.

Why Connect?

Connect is a modern multichannel EPoS system that allows retailers to have one central place to control the stock for the shop, mail or telephone orders, website sales, and other online channels such as Amazon and eBay too. As the orders come in from various channels the Connect system automatically updates the stock qualities which saves the effort and time that it takes to updated channels separately.

As well as centralised stock control, the Connect EPoS software allows retailers to manage all the orders from one location with a simple pick, pack, despatch process and easy generation of invoices and documents. Many independent retailers need to be good at multitasking and Connect can help with its ability to update a website order one moment and with a touch of a button be serving a customer in store the next or adding new products to online channels.

The visual stock tree has many advantages for retailers as it allows staff to quickly identify products, speeding up admin processes. When a customer requires help or advice on a product then staff are easily able to access the product details, description, and images which helps them to offer an exceptional customer service. The tagging feature in Connect provides flexibility to label products and easily filter or search items too.

Want to Know More?

Alongside the centralised stock control, Connect gives retailers many tools and features both online and in store including suggestive and flexible purchase ordering, sales and stock reporting, customer database, discount schemes, multi-site ability, staff management and till security, related products and much more. All this in one easy to use system.

If you would like to know more about Intelligent Retail then visit their website for more information.