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Roland Elmäng founded the Aspen company in 1988 on the shore of lake
Aspen, north of Gothenburg in Sweden. He had the idea to produce a
better fuel for chainsaws when he read an article in the Swedish
newspaper “Skogen” about the problems faced by forest workers exposed to
exhaust fumes from chainsaws and brushcutters.

He realised there were fuel components that would work much better –
both for people and machines. The introduction of alkylate resulted in
dramatically improved working environment for the Swedish forestry

To begin with, Aspen was only available as a premixed 2-stroke version
“Aspen 2T”, but demand for a cleaner fuel for engines which didn’t
require a fuel/oil mix meant that Aspen 4T was created.

These fuels are now marketed as Aspen 2 and Aspen 4, and over 400
million litres has been sold worldwide.

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